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Document verification

About document verification:-

     Document verification is one of the most important things. Because in many cases, it is seen that even after getting the selection letter, the candidate cannot join. Document verification is the most important thing to achieve after getting a selection. Document verification is usually done online or offline.

For offline document verification:-

     In case of offline, the candidate has to submit face-to-face documents at his particular branch. For this, the candidate is given an apartment letter giving the candidate's specific branch name and address as well as contact details. The candidate goes to the specific branch and does the document verification. And the documents he needs to submit are communicated through the appointment letter. Candidate document verification process can be done at any branch anywhere in India. In this case the candidate has to go to the specified branch from home 2-1 days in advance for document verification.

For Online document verification:-

     Online document verification is the simplest. Because the candidate does not have to go anywhere. If the candidate thinks his / her online document verification can be done at home. In this case, the candidate, in the Registered Email ID, is given the instructions for online document verification. As per the instructions given to the candidate, he scans all his documents or creates a photo and sends it to the department's specific email id. But in this case, as the subject of the mail, it is necessary to write the name / application number / advertisement notice number/ mobile number.

      It is important to note, however, that document verification is usually divided into 2 categories. The first step is the basic document verification, such as certificates of educational qualification, application forms, declaration forms, PAN card cancellation check pages, etc. And the second step is to create a join document to verify the document.

NB-1. Most importantly, in case of online document verification, it is mandatory for the candidate to have his / her registered email id. Sending mail for document verification from any other mail id will be rejected. However, the candidate can change his / her registered mobile number and email id going to his specific branch by KYC application.

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