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Appointment create

Appointment creating system:-

            All those candidates, who are willing to meet with our representative. They have to complete the specific application form given below, send the scan copy of pdf application form to our e-mail address adminmail@mtdind.org from the registered email ID of the applicant.. A maximum of 80 appointment for interview are give on each working day. Your appointment must be book at least 15 days in advance. We reply within three working days of your valuable appointment mail. Remember that appointment dates are usually given within a month. If the appointment application request form is accepted, the candidate is given an appointment letter on his register email ID, as well as a message from the register mobile number. Then with a specific appointment letter, the candidate can meet. The application form is given below......



The Secretary,

SSOPCPL, 8th floor, No- 818,

collectors land, Haji katbela,

Behramnagar, bandra (E),

Mumbai- 400051

Sub: Request for e-appointment letter


                Respectfully I inform to you that, I am Mr. / Miss XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, C/o: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, Permanent residential address XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. My application no: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, Advt notice number: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, Registered mobile number: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX,  I want a e-appointment letter for [ Verification / Inquiry / Etc......____________________________________________________.

            Therefore, I request to you that, please accept and grant my application and give me a e-appointment letter.

Thanking you.

Date: XX.XX.XXXX                                                                                                            _______________________

Place: XXXXXXX                                                                                                                      Applicant signature


Click this link for download of e-appointment pdf form: https://mtdind.org/ckfinder/userfiles/files/hj.pdf

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