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All Rank of MTD

Duty and responsibility of all rank:-

1. Director (General):-

        The Director (General) is generally the highest rank of each department. The director usually makes the final decision. And he can make any kind of decision, at any time, to improve the department. The director usually operates the entire department from the control room. If any departmental issues arise, they are resolved by the departmental head of the particular office. And then if that problem is not resolved, then the Assistant Director General and the Chief Secretary solve the problem. And even if the problem is not resolved then the director general solves it. The director is required to resolve departmental issues. In addition, the department usually manages. And it constantly monitors all the functions of this section.

2.Asst. Director (General):-

        Assistant director general duty is usually at headquarters. The ADG usually makes the final decision of the department, but it is necessary to seek the approval of the DG to designate the decisions. ADG's are on duty in the control room. He supports the director's work. He is responsible for all office supervision, status and office work, every responsible job. He solves the general problems of the department. He also liaises with other departments, such as the web developer, advocacy team, chief secretary, chartered accountant, chief administrator, and other authorities. Finally, it can be said that your role is very important to the department.

3. Chief Executive:-

        The responsibility of the chief executive is usually in the control room. The chief executive only has departmental responsibilities. The chief executive controls the Regional Office. He has always been in contact with all the Regional Office Chiefs, serving as the Head Office and Regional Office Communications. The Regional Office Chief Officer usually contacts the Chief Executive of the Head Office.

4. Asst. Chief Executive:-

        Assistant Chief Executive, Duty in the Head Office. He also has the same responsibility as the Chief Executive. He works as an assistant in every task. In the absence of the Chief Executive, the Assistant Chief Executive takes over.

5. Chief Officer:-

        The chief officer is, in general, the chief of the regional branch. Between the head office and the zonal office, he does duty. Chief Officer, Regional Director Another name. Chip officers are generally responsible for zonal branch and branch offices in a few states. And he monitors every office. He is obliged to go to the head office for special needs.

6. Zonal manager:-

        The zonal manager is usually the head of the zonal office. He sees all the activities of the zonal office. He always monitors branch office operations. And send all work reports to the Regional Branch. It can be said that the role of the zonal manager is very important.

7. Branch Manager:-

        The activities of the branch manager are most responsible. Branch Manager, Head of Branch. We have over 100 small and large brunches all over India. Branch managers often take on branch charge in-charge instead. He solves any problems with the branch. He communicates with the Higher Authority if necessary. Any type of service give by the applicant is provided by the Branch Manager. However, the manager may assist with Inspector Gun when it comes to a large branch. Any issues related to the applicant's examination and their results are taken from the Branch Manager. And then all the other work and documents are done by the branch manager. Applicant candidates, any problems or inquiries are resolved by the Branch Manager. In case of any difficulty in resolving any problem, he contacted the Higher Authority to resolve the issue. The role of the Branch Manager in serving all applicants is very important.

8. Exam inspector:-

        Exam inspector, its duty is usually at the branch office. He works on examining all types of candidates. He works as directed by the branch manager. In the field of examination, the role of examination is very important. All the exam related activities are carried out in their charge.

9. Examination controller:-

        The role of the Examination Controller is essential in examining the candidate. He takes all kinds of tests, for example, online exams, skill tests, written, oral. And he always works at the branch. He performs every task as instructed by the branch manager.

10. Course officer:-

        The course officer is always inside the junior officer. Course officers generally train selected candidates. And solve all kinds of difficulties of the candidates. In a word, it can be called a teacher.

11. Upper division clerk:-

        The Upper Division Clerk usually fires all types of clerical activities in the office. And under his supervision Junior Clark worked. The duties of the Upper Division Clerk are usually at the Branch Office Regional Branch, Head Office, Zonal Branch. The Upper Division Clerk does all kinds of technical work.

12. Lower division clerk:-

        The Lower Division Clerk works under the supervision of the Upper Division Clerk. The work of the Lower Division Clerk is usually similar to the offices described in the Upper Division Clerk. The Lower Division Clerk usually addresses all types of technical issues. The responsibilities and duties of each of them are very important.

13. Tradesman:-

        The tradesman is the lowest rank in the department. There are various terms of tradesman, peon, runner, receptionist, personal assistant, multi tasking staff and many others. All of these workers are usually assisted by the inspector or branch manager. All types of responsibilities are usually up to the Branch Manager and the Inspector but With their help the tasks are successfully completed. They have duties and, generally, head offices, regional branch offices, zonal offices, or branch offices.

NB-1. Chief Secretary:

       One of the most prominent secretary posts from every rank. The Chip Secretary is the Director General's advisor. In a word, he's one of the top executives in the department. He is always involved in the development work of the department. You can take any kind of decision right away. His work is very important to the department. He is on duty in the control room. He does the administration of the department. In the absence of the Director General, he takes on all kinds of responsibilities. It is a different kind of designation and different from all designations.

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